Saturday, 12 September 2015

A box from Beer 52

Having beer in the house fills one with great comfort. These days beer doesn't stay in the house all that long. As it happens the other week I was kindly sent a box of beer to review from our friends at Beer 52. For those unaware Beer 52 distributed Panda Frog Pandamonium IPA last month, and are soon to distribute Panda Frog Allelic Drift.
Beer 52 are one of a number companies that provide a monthly beer subscription. Customers sign up to receive a regular beer delivery and get the opportunity to try new beers that they wouldn't ordinarily find on supermarket shelves.

Opening the box I half expected to see an Allilic Drift (and now we're sending it back to you) but here's what I got.

Cloudwater Grisette 3.5%

Started things off at the low end of the abv spectrum. Basically it's a saison, which these days could  mean all sorts and it's from Cloudwater, a new(ish) Manchester-based brewery that's come out with some impressive stuff. Grisette pours on the hazy side with gooseberry and lemon aromas. It's a snappy affair of herbal, citric yeasty notes with some sweetish bubblegum countering the bone dry finish. It's a palate cleanser, not really a session beer but more a pre-dinner appetizer.

Vocation brewery Heart and Soul 4.4%.

Basically a session IPA with a lot of in your face citrus and tropical hops about it. A typical Citra hopped session IPA but with more tropical notes. The finish is light and clean with a good dose of resiny bite. Well brewed, good stuff.

Lervig Lucky Jack 4.1%

From Norway of all places. Nice, sappy, grapefruit over a caramelised malt backbone. A nice all round session pale with a good all round weight and balance that you would expect from a higher abv beer. Quality, straight-forward session beer.

Bronher Large Lager 4.7%

In short Spanish craft lager featuring an array of US and European hops. Lots going on, sweet citrus switching to grassy herbal notes. Feels bit heavier than it should almost under attenuated. Not my kinda thing.

Brew Fist/BeerHere Catapillar Pale ale 5.8%.

A rye pale ale with Motueka and Columbus hops. A characterful little number that comes at you with peppery tropical pithy orange and apricot. It's a tad rugged, quite individual and rather good.

Gosnells London Mead 5.5%

I'm no expert here. Last time I tried mead was many years back and I wasn't a fan. First impressions here; sparkling elderflower. Initially very refreshing. It has the drinkability of a soft drink, yet when it warms brings sweet plumb and caramelised honey. Overall rather pleasant and certainly worth a try.

6 degrees North Hop Classic

This one gets my beer of the box. A euro hopped Belgian IPA brewed in Scotland. Tropical and dried fruit, yet it's malt led. Apples & pears with some banana meet grassy herbal hops. Very nicely put together.  

Dark Sister 6.66%

This was a good one. Woody grain and plain chocolate interplay with resonating citruce and mature fruit. Bold and balanced is the overall theme.

Loved my box from beer 52. If you would like a to try out Beer 52 you could get a £10 discount via this code;  BEERQUEST10. Also check out, @Beer52HQ on twitter and


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