Sunday, 26 January 2014

Maximo Number 5

Now I've never brewed a beer for a band before. I've brewed up new seasonal beers, beers for pub groups, wholesalers and even for the Panda Frog Project. I have yet to brew a collaborative beer  (at least not commercially) and have never brewed anything for a rock band ever.  Put it another way, I never thought anyone would ever trust me quite this much.

Nonetheless, Maximo No. 5 is Mordue Brewery's beer brewed for North East band Maximo Park. It's aimed to be a 5% American amber style beer brewed with 6 different hops. It's not aimed to be over the top (OK we're still talking over 40 IBU), but with enough going on to keep things interesting. Grape, orange and lychee is what I get, over a firm but smooth malt base.

For more on the launch read about it here or here. We even got a radio 5 live presenter cracking one open on air, that's 43 seconds of fame right there sha'mon. The first casks have left the building so not entirely sure where this could be going, maybe some other bands might gain interest. No disrespect intended but Maximo Park were never metal enough to make it into my top 10 all time favourite bands. If your reading this Dying Fetus remember a 'Fetus Number 6' beer is always possible. But hey I always count my blessings, we could well be brewing for the likes of Justin Bieber or even worse Jedward.

Friday, 3 January 2014

The twelth beer of Christmas

Batemans Vintage Ale 2012

So, finally made it to number twelve, and it's a big one. A 7.5% from Batemans, makers of Rosey Nosey, which I'm sure has been in the twelve beers line-up before. But anyway, Christmas is (just about) over and this was one of last beers in the house. So, a commemorative strong ale from a regional brewery, sounds like something similar to a Fullers Vintage perhaps?

It's a big rich boozy experience that's for sure. Plums, figs and raisins with some vanilla sweetness and a Brandy-like alcoholic warmth. But there's enough dryness to make it not too heavy going. Overall quite different yet a similar sort of breed to a Fullers Vintage. A noticeable difference being the obvious woody-oaky dryness which to me is slightly off putting. Yet everything around that is rather good. Certainly worth a try. Happy New Year everyone.