Monday, 8 September 2014

Beer and Food by Mark Dredge

Not often I get hold of a book that has been written by an author I have already met. After reading enough of Dredgie's blog you sense this book sure has his stamp on it. From page to page it reads like Dredgie's work and it's almost difficult to imagine the sheer length of research the bloke has compiled here. I imagine many, many nights in the kitchen, with multiple half-empty bottles and cans scattered on surfaces. Then again everyone knows Mark's a veteran beer and food experimentalist.

OK but the first obvious question is; what separates this from all the beer/beer and food books? It covers the obvious mandatory territories such as beer styles and brewing. Food affinities for beer styles are covered. Beer affinities for various worldwide dishes are covered. Recipes including beer, also covered.

It's quirky, and Mark's writing style strays away from pretentiousness (given the inclusion of fast food and bar snacks) with a 'not taking this too seriously but keeping it real' sort of approach.
All in all for a general beer and food pairing guide I have found this the easiest to use, go to user friendly partner. So when the wife's cooking up something well known you can easily flip it open to find what beer would ideally pair with it.

So all in all I would rate this highly. Big up the Dredge.

FABPOW! (bitchin)