Friday, 21 August 2020

Back In The Game

And we are back. It's certainly good to be brewing again. Not just that but racking, transferring, selling and delivering beer. Admittadly July was a bumpy ride of fluctuating trade. Pubs reopened after a big surge in trade then tentaively approcahed re-ordering. Notably a lot of independent trade has done better than expected. Certain pub companies have not. Yet on the whole the situation is improving. 

Given that our expanded bottle range helped boost bottle trade during lockdown we have decided to maintain it. This means re-brewing the ill fated Journeys End which will also be available in cask. Our full core range is also now back up and running. 

Journeys end sparge to copper
Journey's End run off to copper

Recently we also secured two local SIBA digital beer awards, an exclusive can/bottle only replacement for the usual SIBA regional events. Both beers have a history of awards and it was great to get Morocco Ale some silverware given all it's history and being one of my first epiphanic bottle beer experiences as a beer drinker.  

So as more customers get back in the game, the volumes being brewed get closer to those pre-lockdown. We havn't officially got a full staff back yet and one thing that has been thrown off is the plan of 2020 new seasonals. Meaning Grapefruit IPA and many of the crazy new stuff I was going to come out with is effectively on hold. Hopefully they will be re-implemented at some point.