Friday, 26 October 2012


Check it out here...

That's right, more SIBA awards. This time for Mordue IPA taking bronze in category and Panda Frog Pandazilla taking silver. For this I am immensely proud. And it was good going for those folks at Cullercoats Brewery with a silver from Jack the Devil. With all due respect, their brewing style is their own and together we did the region proud.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Panda Frog round three; Black (H)-Ops

Behold the dark side of the frog, bringer of chaos and destruction

It's easy to get carried away with these themed brews. You wake up in the morning and loading up the toaster is like slotting in a 7.62mm bullet belt to a GPMG. Starting up the car is like firing up the rotors to your Apache attack helicopter, ready to cain your enemy's ass with hellfire missiles and 20mm cannon fire.

Anyway. The third installment of the Panda Frog series, Black (H)-Ops is a 4.9% (almost) black lager brewed with German and New Zealand hops. The brew day was an exciting experience, a new yeast strain and exotic hop varieties never used before at the brewery. Overall I'm fond of the hop forward forest fruit nuanced brew and can't wait to get it in key keg. Only a select few have tried it to date so any feedback is appreciated. Check it out soon.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Busy times at Mordue Brewery recently, busy times indeed.

Some will remember last years Red Rye Riwaka. Well this year were on the Polish hops, or should we say mostly Polish hops. Lubelski (4.5%) is a blonde ale brewed with a frenzy of Euro hops and early tasting are pleasantly fruity. The hop variety Lubelski itself is a peculiar Polish version of Saaz with a touch of Bobek like sweetness, a pleasent noble hop. So look out for this one at your local Wetherspoons this october.