Sunday, 16 February 2014

Gyle 3000

It has been coming, the big gyle 3000. Gyle 2800 came and went, then by gyle 2900 we knew it was creeping up on us. Speculation, what will Gyle 3000 be? A one-off exclusive brew hopefully and not some mandatory batch for an imminent order. The numbers kept rising, from 2946 to 2975 to 2990. But alas here we are, Mordue Brewery's gyle 3000.

Make no mistake that fitting this into the schedule didn't turn out to be easy. It turned out that Gyle 3000 or the G-3000 as I call it was to be brewed as the first part of a double brew (that means mashing in around 5AM). A double dry-hopped 3% table beer featuring Galaxy, Citra and Amarillo hops. So far I'd say it's tasting rather nice, the old term 'neckable grog' seems to fit quite accurately. Keep an eye out for this one in bottle and cask.