Saturday, 23 May 2020

In the midst of may

The Kitchen Arms

It's been long and odd couple of months. Whilst following the guidance of Hancock, BoJo, and the baked potato my current role of parent/teacher/kids butler and bloke loafing around the house doing the odd spell of chores was never going to be as exciting as the brewing adventure that was originally written out for 2020.

Nonetheless it's been great to hear the new Daleside Brewery delivery service is up and running and has been well received. Our team of un-furloughed elite have been answering the call selling and delivering beer far and wide. We have an official web store on the way and you can also get Daleside beers on the CAMRA webstore or Craft Beer Drop.

Additionally an extension of the bottled beer range is pending. Journey's End (mentioned in the last blog post) is to be re-born as a bottled beer and also available in bag in box. I highly recommend pairing it with chicken curry. Monkey Wrench is also to be be re-released in bottle, a development that's been in the pipeline a long time but thanks to the current Covid-19 crisis it makes a welcome return.

So far the situation seems more optimistic than originally thought. It seemed apparent the world never stopped enjoying beer or even slowing down the rate of consumption. Although as good as drinking through stock with Gary and Steve (pictured above) gets it will never be as good as visiting the local boozer with actual friends.

Free kicks

Trusty nerf blaster ensures everyone in the house stays alert in line with government guidance 

On reflection the surrealness of the situation of 2020 speaks volumes. Every so often these things happen, after all disease is a natural part of life. Ether that or this is the endgame of a huge incomprehensibly elaborate master plan led by a coalition of world leaders, the UN, Bill Gates, leading scientists, the world bank, George Soros and the WHO, that are all secretly shape-shifting reptilian-humanoid, satanic Illuminati who engineered and developed the virus, which may or may not exist and may or may not be caused by 5G towers to crash the world economy and subversively drive humanity towards satanic ideology via mass mandatory vaccinations that sterilize the masses in line with agenda 31 to cull populations resulting in lab born asexual AI augmented births by 2030, whilst at the same time implanting mind reading nano chips that relay mind reading data to the 5G towers which relay to Chinese satellites allowing for mass mind-control enforced by the weaponisation of the 5G towers at 60gHz, causing hypoxia towards any establishment opposition. The prolonged transmittance of the negative frequency resonance energies from fear and despair from the entire human race during lockdown transmits to the huge hollow alien designed secret satellite, the moon will bringeth great jubilation and rejoicing on the planet Drako, home world of the satanic Illuminati lizard people as their end game of mass mind-control and total totalitarian control of the human race, bringing forth the new dystopian world order, the incomprehensible evils of the shape-shifting Illuminati lizard people so sinister, dark, harrowing and subversive their plans so shrouded in darkness and secrecy hidden to all except those watching the You Tube video. They eat babies...

I feel myself slowly descend back down towards the kitchen my body enveloped by the metaphysical transition towards my original space time dimensional representation to continue the blog post...

Always the old ones...

But in other good news my youngest Harvey is on an impressive streak of dry nights at the moment. Encouraging stuff. The kids think the place is some sort of hotel and home schooling has often more resemblance to that scene from Rocky 1 where he's chasing chickens around the courtyard. Normally they are easily entertained but understandably have episodes of missing friends. It was certainly a shame to miss Henshaws beer fest this year also. The wife Helen has also been working quite a lot recently in home care, so it's allowed me to do a bit of cooking and (for the first time this century) some baking.

As I'm aware the next upcoming phase for the brewing industry is centered around opening pubs and the balance between doing it safely and doing it profitably. How that will play out is uncertain and I do hope one meter social distancing is adopted over two as it just seems more feasible. Until then we have virtual pubs, virtual beer festivals and drinking sessions. Although I have never bought into the 'virtual' concept, admittedly its done in good spirit. Who knows where it will all end. Stay safe everyone.