Sunday, 28 June 2020

Birthdays and new bottle beers

Monkey Wrench with Harrogate Blue is hard to beat

So as it stands, after three months of furlough I am likely soon to be doing my warm ups and getting ready to come off the bench for the grand reopening of pubs on July 4th. As mentioned on the last post the Daleside bottle beer range has now been greatly expanded. Journeys End (4.5%), Pace Setter (3.9%), Old Lubrication (4.2%) and the SIBA award winning Monkey Wrench (5.3%) are all now available in 500ml bottle. 

We also have more cask stock brewed and ready to hit the trade. However much of the trade comes back, if it comes back immedietly, eventually or just in a short burst is very much unknown. The other question is if the take home trade remains strong, could it fill in the gaps? Most seem to agree that re-opening on a Monday would be a more sensible option.

Admittedly 2020 hasn't dealt out many good cards. Aside from global crisis, and the fully media inflated, non-sensical orgy of mass scale squabbling whilst being stuck in a sort of groundhog day it's not been all bad. Life must go on so it seems and birthday 2020, the big three six was certainly a good one.

 Creeping ever closer to middle age is the perfect excuse for beer, undiscovered whisky, cheese and cigars. Luckily the forecast thunderstom was fairly brief and cleared up allowing for us to enjoy a seafood platter with a Firebrick Giuseppe Hells lager in the garden, a top class North East lager.

Afterwards an array of cheeses was accompanied by some Monkey Wrench and Port City Porter followed by some Taketsura Pure malt Japanese whisky and Mackmyra Gront Te Swedish single malt Whisky. Having never tried whisky from Sweden before I would say it was remarkably good. Ex olorose cask matured before finishing in casks conditioned with Japanese green tea, it opens very plump, sweet and approachable with very clean refined meadow fruit flavours. Approachable and fun, sort of like the Michael McIntyre of malt whisky but with the green tea aspect that throws in an extra dimention.

So despite not managing to properly re-install the old DVD player to watch the Scum collectors edition DVD that was planned to end the night the whole event went rather splendidly. Many thanks go to the wife Helen for all the presents and efforts helping make it so great.

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