Tuesday, 18 January 2011

One I brewed earlier

Reader's of Rob's beer quest will remember this post from awhile back. Happy days ay.

Well, it's been about a year now, so I decided to crack open a bottle. Or should I say another bottle. After bottling I kept sampling 'The Megalodon' on a bi-monthly basis. When it was young it tasted a tad harsh... Like battery acid. A barrage of alcohols competing with hop resins and various other flavours trying to develop. Even after nine months it still tasted like battery acid. I was even considering changing the label from the giant shark to some old tramp passed up on a park bench. Or maybe just ditching the whole batch.

Last night tho, this baby showed some promise, coming across as something resembling a heavily hopped Barley wine that needs a tad more time to develop. Carbonation has improved a little, and the brutal hop assault has mellowed a bit tho it still possesses the pine-resinous notes from the Simco hops and a bit of that pithy, sherbet like effect you get from extreme hopping with C-hops (my wife describes this effect as tasting like 'fairy liquid'). An oily viscosity dominates with plenty of fusel alcohols giving the perception of richness and lots of alcohols (over 9% alcohol, remember).

It's nothing special, and difficult to drink after about half a pint. I'm in no rush, I'll give it more time.


Ian Beer said...

Zombies, attacking, walking -their bodies engaged in rage. Never stopping, hacking, gnawing, infecting their victims.
Gnawing on their victims - they will never stop!

Is that what it tastes like Rob?
Ian Beer

Rob said...

Not quite...

Maybe a little