Saturday, 15 January 2011

Knaresborough; A great place for a booze-up

Last Wednesday  was an official work social with a difference. A meeting of Daleside staff past and present including Olly Fozard (now at Copper Dragon) and Dan Paquette (of Pretty Things), also blogged about here. So it was cool to meet all the old crew and finally visit the quality pubs of Knaresborough.

First up, Blind Jacks. A quality little pub with a good cask and keg range. One of those places you could sit in all day slowly going through the beer range. After this we visited The Marquis of Granby, a very popular place amongst Yorkshiremen (it's a Sam Smith's pub).

Dan likes brunettes, this one could knock back a few pints

Beer and darts, not the best pairing

The Daleside 'past masters' social continued to the Osset Brewery owned pub The Cross Keys. More great beer, ramblings about brewing and the industry with the odd moan about Brew Dog. About three hours later I woke up for work... Not pleasant, but happy times.  


Ed said...

Waking for work three hours later sounds harsh.

Rob said...

O it was harsh alright. Getting back to bed was much looked forward to.