Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rome Part III

Bir & Fud is a must visit place for beer hunting in Rome. Its ethos is simple and patriotically Italian -craft beer meets the beautiful simplicity of Italian cooking. The best part is that the pairing of pizza and beer requires very little thought processing, it’s a very difficult thing to get wrong and if you like pizza then this is the place for you. 

The other half of the menu (that’s not pizza) is comprised of various antipasti dishes including the local dish of rice balls stuffed with mozzarella which for some reason tasted familiar.
The Pizzas were also amazing and the beer list filled by an array of Italian craft beers. The uber-fresh unfiltered tasting Italiano Tipo Pils and highly quaffable Orsoverde Wabi went down nicely and for me the beer of the night was the Italiano Vu-Du, a Dunkel Weizen with a silky soft chocolatey mouth feel and notes of bubblegum and banana.  
But after so much beer hunting, the next day we decided to do a bit of sightseeing and walk up to Quirinal to the Trevi fountain then to the Piazza della Rotonda to see the ancient temple known as the Pantheon.

 It seemed surreal walking the busy cobbled streets then suddenly, round the next corner, the giant historic structure emerged. Inside it was even more architecturally awe-inspiring containing the tombs of Raphael and Italian royalty.

To me this came as a bit of a shock as I never knew about it. I mean ever since the movie and the early episodes I was a childhood fan and Raphael was one of my favourites. But I’m sure the likes of Michelangelo and the other Ninja Turtles are getting on a bit now.

Moving on and it was time to get lunch and have a wonder round Piazza Navona before heading back to the hotel to prepare for another evening of beer hunting. So far, it's been an awesome holiday, the next aim is for more time in Open Baladin and maybe Bir & Fud.


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