Saturday, 20 February 2010


I think there could be something in the water??


Now this one relates back to a discussion on an older post about Simco hops and how fellow blogger Ed mentioned that they are obtainable in the UK. Curiously I then pondered on what I could use these hardcore high alpha acid American hops for. Then I remembered back to last years project 'Brutal ale' and the failure that arose from randomly combining Chinook, low alpha English hops and coriander into a dark roasty beer. Then the name 'brutal ale', what was I thinking? That sounds about as brutal as your grandad up biking on a second hand scooter thinking it will make him look cool dressed in leather. But this year I decided to change my game and focus on the formulation. Pale, munich, crystal cara and Aromatic malts filled the mash tun almost to the brim. Simco, Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo hops were added every 15min to the copper adding 10-20 IBU per addition. In fact I even had to liqor back to 1093 OG because higher than expected extracts were achieved.

I advise all to watch our Meglodon promotional video, assistant brewer Georgia was very enthusiastic to talk about the brew. She also has a talent for talking with her mouth closed.

On a further thought, given that I had to liqor back (from 1102 to 1093) If I repeated this brew with even more hops (maybe over 100 IBU) and didn't liqor back (fermenting to a 12-13% beer) and even stronger DOUBLE MEGALODON beer could be produced. And the last runnings from that (given the Megalodons last runnings were 1039.7) could be used for another brew (the BABY-DON perhaps). Its all gripping stuff.


Ed said...

Brutal! I like the video.

wendy said...

I think that kid needs speech therapy

Rob said...

Might be right there Wendy, old Georgia used to do vocals for Dismembered not so long ago. In fact the whole brew was her idea.