Friday, 5 February 2010

Hotels, whisky, beer, Scotland

Last weekend my wife and I were given the opportunity to visit some hotels in Edinburgh for free (paid by Helen's work). Tho this wasn't a beer hunting holiday, I decided to hunt some anyway. Our first hotel; Hotel du vin came as a surprise. That's because for a hotel that at first seems set up for wine drinkers only, it has a awesome beer range (for a hotel that is) including mainly Scottish and Belgian craft brews in bottled form.

Innis and Gunn Rum Cask was probably the most impressive beers of the holiday, darker than the original with more depth.

More impressive than the beer range however was the wisky range, available exclusively in the wisky snug (shown below). Here I sampled some Yamakazi 18 year Japanese single malt that was impressive and a unknowlagable drinking partner bought a round of doubles for him and myself that later turned out to cost... Wait for it.... £120 (thats for 2 doubles, £30 per shot)

My honest opinion is that this place needs a beer lounge as you can see why hunting whisky can be pricy. Never the less we had a pleasant time, and managed to stop by some bars for some Edel Weiss.

All this gets me in the mood for some oatmeal stout brewing next week.


Ed said...

Ouch! £120 for two drinks. It just shows beer is best.

Rob said...

The scary thing is that blokes a farmer, and farmers often have shotguns.