Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wedding pictures just in

A great day for partying and beer drinking. A total of three casks were fully tapped and stillaged on the day, two pins, Daleside Blonde and Daleside Monkey Wrench, alongside my very own 5.2% amber hued pale ale. From memory it was all drank by about 10pm.

Table names

Best pictures of Fuller's Vintage ale 2007 I've ever seen.

Note the Christmas decorations on the casks, it was that time of year after all.

Cask ale on gravity.

Even our little friend Troy turned up for the day.


Whorst said...

Nice pics! I had a West Highland Terrier once. I'm probably more English that the majority of your country!!

Brewing a Pale Ale next week. Looks like Amarillo/Simcoe combo. The lager is lagering at 34F and has dropped nice and bright. Man, tasting nice! Should be perfection for The Superbowl.

Rob said...

Never lagered yet but often wanted to. Never had the right cooling equiptment for it. Most recent brew (not really sure what style to call it) uses Amarillo and Styrians. from memory its something like this:

OG 1057 FG 1013

Optic Pale: 54%
Mild ale: 20%
Crystal 16%
Amber 2%
Rolled oats 8%

With a heavy quantity of Calcium chloride salts.

Amarillo and styrians bittering to 20BU 90 min boil(a few grams of each used to first wort hop)

Styrians 15min for around 5BU.

Fermentations struggled to get over 21oC with the weather but will be bottling in a few days.

What do you recon? Pritty heavy stuff?

Whorst said...

Amarillo and Styrians are a bad ass combo! Recipe looks good, but maybe a tad too much crystal? What yeast did you use??

I'm brewing right now. I changed the recipe up a bit. Basically pale malt, some caravienne, and aromatic malts. Hopped with Summit. I'm also going to dry hop with Summit. I'm fermenting with Safale-05, which I commonly refer to as UK-05. I'm videoing my process. First time editing video. Should be a blast.

Rob said...

This time it was my work Daleside breweries house strain. I get it free, its quite flocculant and brings out malt character alot so this time I decided to play it to its strengths. Not used aromatic malts yet. I heard they are related to Munich malt in some way. Are the two similar?

Ed said...

Aromatic malt is a darker Munich. I agree that looks a lot of crystal.