Monday, 6 April 2015

March 18th 2015. Baby and SIBA awards.

Harvey Micheal Millichamp born 18/03/2015 weighing 7lb

Although this post is a bit late. The title says it all. A baby and SIBA national awards uniquely both arriving the same day made for good reasons to celebrate . First up, born via c-section at 9:21am was the birth of our son, Harvey, the 7lb potential brewer in the making. It wasn't till later in the evening after lots of visitors and suspense that that the SIBA national results rolled in from the Beer X event. First up it was a gold for Killswitch 51 in the Champion bottled speciality beer category. Then Killswitch got a bronze overall in the 'Supreme Champion' bottled beer category.

Following this up Mordue Oatmeal Stout nabbed a gold in the 'dark ales, Stouts, Porters' category and an overall bronze in the supreme champion keg category where it was a place behind Wylam's own Hexan black wit. Wylam Brewery did great again this year with Hexan taking gold in the speciality category and Allendale brewery picked up awards for their APA and Pennine Pale. Like last year the north east breweries did well. To see the full list of results see here.

So there you have it March 18th 2015, it was quite a day.


Ed said...

Congratulations Rob!

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