Friday, 27 January 2012

Millennium Bridge Ale

For those that don't know the Millennium Bridge is a fairly new massive(ish) bridge that crosses the River Tyne and is one of the signature landmarks in Geordie land (North East England). Some Mordue fans may remember that last year we brewed a one-off batch to commemorate the bridge's 10th anniversary way back last august. We were on TV, and remember how odd it was having a film crew in the brewery as the big man Mick Henry took his bad invincible council leading self round our gaff for a short tour of the crib.

If the Mayor likes it, it must be good!
Ah those were the days. Back then, before the Red Rye Riwaka work-a-thon, the Christmas rush and Yeast Maister Dave getting his cask washing level two badge (his celebrations went on long into the night).

But anyway, it seems the time has come for it to be brewed again (as it is the February seasonal) and I sure am looking forward to the brew day. Millennium Bridge ale is one of those simple, straight down the middle beers that's a joy to put together. Like a fish finger sandwich or cheese on toast, the finished article is also damn nice. So in the next few weeks I will have my eye on the orders list to see where I can hunt out this one for quality control purposes.

The bridge in all it's glory

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