Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The twelth beer of Christmas

Baladin Xyauyù

Yep, it's more or less all over now. All thats left to do is take the decorations down. To be honest this beer would have been great on Christmas or Doxing Day as an after dinner drink. Ir's bold, approachable and about as far away from a conventional beer as beer can get.

Xyauyù apparently is the name of Baladin brew master Teo Musso's daughter's imaginary friend. To make it even more crazy the 14.5% monster brew is matured in open top tanks as a method to purposely oxidise the beer so it develops rich sherry/Madeira flavours. It pours a deep reddish mahogony brown in the glass with no trace of carbonation whatsoever.

The aroma is fascinating. Sweet fig like fruit and sherry like alcoholic notes, which is similar to how it tastes. This sure is one heavyweight beer, incredibly rich yet immensely smooth with a long silky finish of warming alcoholic sherry and toffee apple. Strangely enough I love it.   


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