Thursday, 16 December 2010

The sixth beer of Christmas

Huisbrouwerij Boelens Santa Bee

You guessed it, this one be another of the many odd looking, mightily strong Belgian seasonals. 8.5% alcohol and pours a thick amber with high carbonation but low head retention. The aroma brings big sherry like, fruity alcohols, marzipan, almonds, and a touch of sweet vanilla. Palate is rich, rounded and on the sweet side like a Fullers Golden Pride but with a bit more funk and a distinct almond like sweetness. Lingering vanilla and nutmeg spice linger in the finish. Overall, given I had never heard of the brewer and the cheap looking simple label doesn't make you expect much this is a really impressive beer.


Anonymous said...

I like this beer. I would say its not a "wow" beer but it does a nice job and helps get me in the winter spirit. A good all rounder.
When it comes to Belgian beers don't let labels put you off. I don't quite understand it but beer labels over here tend to suck. Not many breweries are willing to pay someone to make a nice label for them so they do it themselves. If I had a euro for everytime I've seen a crap label which looks like it was made in Microsoft Word with Comic Sans font and some horrible photo, then well... I'd have a bunch of money. And then brewers complain that the industry within BE has an image problem and no one will take beer seriously enough. Hmmm

Rob said...

Belgian beer labels are very varied. This one suggests 'small producer' but that doesn't matter. Given the chance I would probably get it again.