Saturday, 10 July 2010

Too much going on.

First was my birthday, now here comes the climax to the Beer and Cheese evening and my first ever unsupervised brew of my self designed IPA for Weatherspoons (as discussed in my last post), the world cup finals, a crazed gunman on the loose in the local area. An amongst all this I'm trying to move house (hence the lack of posting recently). Apart from being exited about it all I also look forward to getting it over with as I have one last quality present which I can only have after moving house. I get to spend the sum of £100 on beer ordered from the Internet, which means I can get hold of a lot of long sought after beers from places like Italy and Holland that till now I have only dreamed of whilst reading about what the other bloggers made of them. Does anyone have any advice on where to buy rare or exceptional beers on the Internet? Up to now I am only familiar with Beers of Europe, which are often out of stock on some of the ones I really want. Some other retailers only sell in cases not individual bottles. Fellow beer nerds, feel free to help me out.


Ed said...

I used beers of europe when I ordered beers over the internet. Maybe if you post a wish list other people might be able to help?

Baron Orm said...

What about BeerMerchants?

Rob said...

Good call Baron. Not sure about a wish list yet Ed will have to think about it.