Sunday, 13 June 2010

The big night, July 14th, official beer & cheese evening

Like the poster? A little traditional but good enough to serve its purpose.

By god I have been so  cheesed out recently. Every week another cheese, another set of beers. It seems beer and cheese pairing has become not only a weekend activity but through the week I've been drinking and munching as well. My research is almost complete now. The pairings almost set, each one like a track on a live set list ready to rock the world of the audience. I have never done a beer seminar before, but I have talked to people about beer for great lengths of time and done public speaking in my university days. Learning about cheese has also been fun. But there's still that unnerving afterthought of failure. What if no one turns up? What if I have to change the pairings in the last week?

But if glory is had the rewards are strong. To put it simply were thinking of turning this into a monthly event, each month having a different theme. Each month we will focus on ether different beer styles with different foods or different beers from different countries. Without giving too much away that's kind of the idea. If it works.


Baron Orm said...

Rob, I've been following your blog for a while and I would love the details of the beers & cheeses that you match for this event - my local deli wants to do a beer & cheese evening and has tasked me with finding out some good pairs! I know a bit about beer but nothing about cheese so please help me out! :)e

Rob said...

Well Baron I prefer not to reveal my top secret selected line up on the blog until the event. If you ether leave your e-mail, or e-mail me on, I will update you with all the current pairings and metholigy behind them.