Saturday, 10 May 2014

Panda Frog Project 2014: Endangered Species

There is inevitable end point to any sequence of developments. The world of craft beer moves fast from new world styles to the biggest, boldest beers on the planet. At Panda Frog we believe there is an end point to this sequence, and this year, 2014 we are prepared unleash that end point to the world. A beer to redefine the boundaries of craft by taking craft to the next level. This is more craftier than craft, as far as craft can go. The very concept of this beer out crafts craft itself.
Endangered Species.

Continuing Mordue's Panda Frog project we bring you the first of four Panda Frog beers for this year. Endangered species is a 6% strong mild that combines balanced quantities of English hops with caramelised and roasted malts to give a malty-hoppy, hoppy-malty, malty beer with a hoppy-malty finish. Sweet toffee, licorice and tobacco with peppery subtle earthy fruity hops to be a bit more precise.

Feel the wrath of my crystal malt!
Go on laugh... I can hear you sniggering now.
Moderately hopped to a none throat destroying 35 IBU this beer is dark, strong and old school to the core brewed entirely from English ingredients. Furthermore after primary fermentation this beer is dry hopped in a secondary vessel with (a moderate amount) of Fuggles hops before it undergoes a secondary fermentation in the cask (Fuck yeah!). This lets its flavours develop even further taking it to another level. Don't get me wrong, this is not craft, this is the level beyond. This is old school craft.
Vive la revolution  


Ed said...

You're getting to brew a strong mild Rob! Are you getting a firkin to take home?

Rob said...

I will be consuming some of it but don't think I could manage a firkin. Not without liver collapse or a a small party of folk to help me out.

Ian Beer said...

I can help you with that Rob