Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mordue the movie

Mordue the movie is a bit of an elaborate fantasy I've had for a while. Obviously it wouldn't be some kind of brewing documentary but more of a Hollywood blockbuster with an all-star cast. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker would play boss men Gary and Matt Fawson while Chris Rock would play myself. Plenty of quirky extras would be involved, like Snoop Doggy Dog playing Mick from the Free Trade Inn (bit of a height difference there) and the Wookies from Star Wars would act as the North East CAMRA branch. Obviously the title wouldn't be just 'Mordue the movie' but more something like 'Mordue; homie brew gadgies in da hood, brewing it for da toon yaw' or something like that.

Anyway, sadly I can't imagine the Hollywood blockbuster ever being produced but this video, shot the other month by a cool bloke called Oliver Fowler is the next best thing.

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