Thursday, 1 March 2012

What was that I was saying about spring?

Look, sunshine.
Normally around this time of year, most people are usually sick of winter (this time last year Alnwick folk were virtually praying for the ice sheets to withdraw). The seemingly endless icy conditions and darkness make struggling fermentation' struggle even more and journeys to local pubs hazardous. Though finally, it seems spring is on the way.

It feels odd leaving work in broad daylight, almost dirty. The conscience is saying "why are you leaving so early, it's not even dark yet? Is this skiving?". I'm not complaining. Some may remember a while back that I mentioned that spring was my least favourite season, this is still true but I do like it for some reasons. This spring plenty of exciting developments are underway at Mordue Brewery. Spring Tyne, Bunny Hop, the mighty Pandazilla and other secret projects (must remind the gaffer to get a sheet over those weapons of mass destruction before the next CAMRA visit). And let's not forget Newcastle Beer Festival.

So yes, spring isn't all that bad and I am also aware that this is  my last spring not being a father. Better enjoy it.  


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