Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nøgne Ø Two Captains

Double IPA is not normally a beer style I give a lot of attention to. This is mainly because many of them rest on that fragile line between brilliant showcase of hops or straight pain. Normally it's a bit of both, like eating chillies or really hot curry. Usually I find the style best appreciated mid way through a session after warming up on a few hoppy pale ales.

Anyhow, Nøgne Ø is a Norwegian brewery I've occasionally come across and till now have enjoyed their offerings. Nøgne Ø Two Captains is no exception. The beer was the brainchild of award-winning homebrewer Jan Halvor Fjeld. It's 8.5% (on the richtor scale) and a nice golden bronze in colour. Aroma wise you get up front orange pith and pine (dry hopping of centennial?) with a hint of marmalade. The hop attack on tasting is up front, pithy, resiny tangerine and Centennial hop esque supported by a heavy caramelised malt base. The overall feel is slightly on the heavy side with warming alcohols and fruity fermentation flavours adding to the avalanche of resiny citric hops making this fairly complex for the style. In short, its not overly intimidating, a little more complex than most double IPAs and has a nice balance to it. That's a thumbs up from me.

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