Saturday, 7 May 2011

Radgie Gadgie

As the story goes, it was hundreds of years back when the native tribes of Tyneside lived in a peaceful existence around the grasslands of Wallsend. Through the days they would hunt wildebeests and wild pigs for food and at night head to the local boozer to knock back pint after pint of Mordue Workie Ticket and 5 Bridge Bitter. However, after this peaceful existence had proceeded for many generations one day the tribe lands were invaded and the Wallsend tribe destroyed by the deadly rival tribe known as the Radgies. The leader of that tribe was known as the Radgie Gadgie.

Now, shortly after the Radgies took control of the brewery it became derelict and the site was eventually converted to an ancient Indian burial ground. But centuries later the brewery was re-built and as we all know in the 1990s brewing was re-started with the premises being initially bought out by Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy. Though it wasn't long before Jimmy and Tim sold the brewery on to Gary and Matt Fawson (current owners) to prioritise their acting career whilst Matt and Gary basked in the glory of winning champion beer of Britain in 1997.

So there you have it, Roger Protz style coverage of the story behind the beer for those who didn't know. Though it is said that some descendants of the Radgie tribe can be found wandering among North East folk today. Sometimes in the Bigg Market or on the streets, you may know a Radgie yourself. But anyway, here's to the sound, uncompromising rich golden Mordue best bitter that is Radgie Gadgie. With its juicy bready malt and berry fruit hop flavours, at 4.8% it's a characterful beer.


Andy said...

i love RG it seems like it's been one of those beers i've been drinking forever and always bump into at festivals and pubs.

got to say tho the mordue IPA in the free trade in last week was amazing!

Rob said...

Cheers Andy. I know what you mean, it was one of the first cask ales I ever tried. Glad you liked the IPA.