Sunday, 29 May 2011

CAMRA strikes back. Colin Valentine vs the Bloggerati

"Down bloggerati scum!"

I have just been reading the new major debate of the blogging world on Martyn Cornell's Blog. It seems that after the seemingly endless posts slagging off CAMRA by various bloggers over the years, CAMRA boss man Colin Valentine has finally had a poke back during a CAMRA AGM. Check the video here.

His talks about "the bloggerati" or beer blogging community being a bunch of trend chasing Internet elitists who only care about the next new beer and constantly slag off CAMRA for dismissing craft/keg beers. In reply various bloggers have pointed out how narrow minded and poorly thought out his speech was. At one point during discussions anti-CAMRA hard man Jeff Picktall threatened to get involved, and you know he won't be taking no prisoners. But to me the argument all seems a bit dumb.

First of all, as others have mentioned many bloggers are CAMRA members and vice versa. I am a CAMRA member, and at the end of the day both groups, broadly speaking, promote the same thing. Consumer choice for great beer. Not all of CAMRA solidly objects to the concept of great beer coming from a keg and not all bloggers think of CAMRA's current existence as pointless and an offense to the British brewing scene. I'm with Tandleman on this one, can't we all just get along?

Plus I'm sure Colin isn't a bad bloke in real life and probably doesn't wear a black and silver mask.


Tender BlokeI said...

No one should slag off Proper Real Keg. CAMRA have been doing it for years. Paybacks a bitch beardies, isn't it???

Barm said...

Anyone still calling CAMRA "beardies" has clearly never been to any of the BrewDog bars.

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