Monday, 7 March 2011

The last of the winter beers

I usually find that not much goes on around this time of year. A few beer festivals here and there and most spring seasonal beers are released or in the making. Usually that is. This year I have an imminent Beer and Cheese Evening, some gardening and a job move to deal with. Oh, and congratulations to Dredgy for finally smashing the number one spot in the Wikio rankings recently. I'm sad to be demoted again (probably from lack of posting) but don't care at the moment because news has it my Beer and Cheese night has sold more than three tickets! Yes more than the last one (and before you ask it's not four. Or even five. It's even more than that).

But anyway, I digress. What I was really meaning to discuss was this awesome beer hailing from a relatively new Yorkshire brewery. Wensleydale Brewery Beaters Winter Ale at 8.5% was a bottle I almost put aside for next winter, and am glad I didn't. On the nose; sweetish malty chocolate and dark fruit. Palate wise it's beautifully rounded with rich fruit cake and silky smooth chocolate throughout leading to a balanced lingering bitterness and burnt grain. It's bold yet very subtle, hiding the 8.5% abv well. It's kind of reminiscent of Old Tom but far less (dare I say it) over rated.

A sound winter warmer well worth seeking out again. But from the few Wensleydale beers I have tried I have liked them, but have only really found them at beer festivals. They seem worth checking out.

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Mark, said...

Nearly all of the Wensleydale beers I've tried are great with cheese... coincidence?!?!