Sunday, 20 February 2011


As you might have guessed, it's Sunday.

No other day of the week is quite like Sunday. Shops are closed, pubs are open for Sunday lunch and people start to think about the week ahead. Some of the best Sundays can be a calm interlude between the weekend and the upcoming week. A time of careful reflection on what has passed, and what lies ahead. Relaxing in a beer garden with delicious pint of cask ale with lunch is much advised (if whether permits) or simply just chilling out.

But drinking beer on a Sunday is always a cautious affair. It's a simple relationship; the more beer you drink the harder the monday morning (especially in my case, Mondays I have to be up by about 4:15am).

But this Sunday has been quite a relaxed affair. Back in Harrogate Elizabeth II is steadily fermenting away whilst I enjoy a lamb roast accompanied by a 2008 Luis Felipe Edwards Carmeneve from Colchagua Valley, Chile. As far as red wine goes Chilian ones usually win me over, and this one has a nice spicy blackberry flavour, medium body and moderate acidity. It's a good equaliser for Northumberland Cheviot cheese.

So as far as Sundays go, it's been alright. Nothing much on TV, as usual. But there will always be one Sunday I will never forget. It was following one of our Saturday night cheeseboards and a fair bit cheese was left over, much of it from the Northumberland cheese company. The wife had just baked a fresh loaf of bread from the bread maker. It was still warm. At the time I thought, I’ll crack open a bottle of my own home brewed Belgian style Golden Ale it might be 8.5% but just the one.

Soft crusty bread with butter slowly melted into it meets Northumberland Coquetdale cheese meets fresh fruity home brewed Belgian strong ale… That’s what I call a Sunday to remember.



Hello Robert,
The Sunday is ending, and a new week full of work awaits us ... hehehe
I'm also waking up at 4:00 am, shortly.
Sunday as you finished with the family and a good beer, Bamberg Rauchbier Brazilian silver medal at the 2009 European Beer Star.
Below is the sensory evaluation ....
"A Rauchbier perfect for my taste. The smoked flavor is not weak, but not as strong as the"top "of the German gender, such as Sclenkerla, reminiscent of barbecue sauce. The color is dark red. The cream is dense, consistent and persistent. In the aroma, roasted malt stands out, resembling caramel and coffee. But it is in the smoked taste that stands out more. The finish is long and lightly smoked also harmonic, which gives the beer a great drinkability ".

Mark N said...

I have to work Sundays, writing a newspaper column, so always miss out on the relaxed sunday lunch thing. The evenings are generally good for a couple of homebrews though, your 8.5% Belgian sounding just the job.