Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today I am officially announcing to the blogging world (or at least those who read this stuff) that from March 14th I will be officially terminating my employment with Daleside Brewery. From then on I will be working back up north in my homeland for a little brewery that a lot of North East drinkers may well have heard of called Mordue.

Am I serious? I'm deadly serious. Look, this my deadly serious face.

It's rather similar to my serious face.

As far as I know Mordue seem a nice bunch a lads and I'm quite excited about working for them. To tell the truth I'm just as excited about a lot of other stuff. Like getting to come home to my wife and dog in the evenings. Going to the local pubs more often and not having to fork out for rent each month for an accommodation that I only really half live in. The wife was even more pleased, so pleased she made me a Chocolate Porter Cake (pictured above), a recipe adapted from The best of American Beer and food by Lucy Saunders.

I should be excited, I'm about to become a permanent resident of Nothumberland. And I mean this without any disregard to Daleside. I have learnt a lot at Daleside, and had a great time. But since its the only brewery I have ever worked at I'm curious and excited to find out how a different brewery operates. It should be fun. So to all readers, if you can see that little Daleside logo on my page (scroll down a little and its on the right)?
Well from March 11th that little logo will be replaced by this one......

Beer from the Toon. For the Toon.

Am gannin back yem lads! Top a tha Tyne is all mine all mine, top a tha tyne is all mine!


Tandleman said...

Best of luck Rob. Brew something that isn't just malty though. (-;

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Sounds like a very positive step.

Best of luck.

I'll bet sales will double at Mordue within six months!

Mark N said...

You mean there's further North than Yorkshire?? I'm getting a nosebleed just thinking about it. Best of luck!

JayZeis said...

Best of Luck

arn said...

Great news, good luck mate.
the cake looks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

bwestcott said...

Sounds like a good place to be, good luck!

Leigh said...

Yes, best of luck mate. Hopefully will bring a little more happiness/flexibility. Good to know that one of my faves, Workie, will be in safe hands! and i'm with Tandy - get experimenting!

Mark said...

Good news and congratulations, Rob!

ZakAvery said...

Cool, well done, and good luck. I like Mordue's beers.

ChrisM said...

Excellent news, Rob - I hope this means we'll be seeing more of you. Good luck - you'll need it, especially when Col is around...!

PS - North Northumberland Pub of the Year presentation is at the John Bull, Alnwick, on Saturday 26th March, 12.30pm. Ali did us proud with a home made curry to go with the Fyne Jarl last year, it's definitely all to play for...!

Rob said...

Tandleman and Leigh - Experimental brewing will continue on my own kit.

Hearty Goodfellow - hope so.

Arn - The cake was damn nice, I did't eat it all at once tho.

Mark N - Some southerners call it Scotland, but on the map it's called Tyne and Wear.

Chris - Indeed. I will have more chance to get involved with the local beer scene. March 26th sounds great, I'm definatly looking forward to more visits to the John Bull.

Everyone else - Cheers!

Simon said...

Good luck in the new job Rob, hope you might be able to come to Cambridge for the summer beer festival (it lasts for about 6 days) and I'll see you then.