Monday, 25 October 2010

Going all local: Allendale Wolf and Roast Beef

OK last weekend wasn't the most exciting of weekends but this was definitely the highlight. Allendale Wolf with a roast beef dinner. My wife does an awesome roast beef and this joint was obtained from our local butchers, the famous (in Alnwick) Turnbulls. Wolf is basically Allendale's powerhouse 5.5% strong/brown ale and you read my ramblings on it and some other Allendale beers here. A long time back I did a bit of voluntary work for Allendale so I know them quite well. But anyway the pairing itself works brilliantly with the whole full bodied caramelly/roasty notes latching into the caramelisation of the meat. Definitely recommended.  

More recent news is that I have finally got Operation Elizabeth up and running. The only technical flaw was the absence of the White Labs Dry English Ale yeast. So I used the Daleside house strain instead and knowing the fermentation might struggle I over quadrupled my pitching rate and aerated well. Because of this our friends the yeast were off like I bomb and the 1091 OG has dropped below 1030 inside of just 3 days. I just hope I don't get any diacetyl or off flavours produced from too much yeast matter hanging around. The good news is the fermentation temperature hasn't gone out of control and it seems to be slowing up now. I plan to let it steadily ferment out to it's target gravity before I cool and skim it. More on this later.    

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