Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cuba update

Greeting from Cuba, just a short update now I've managed to get round to it and got this Windows 93 or whatever it is to load everything up. I did suggest to the wife on doing half hour live blog updates (Dredge style) for most of the holiday (a brilliant wind up) but this might have to be the only post.

By god it's hot over here. On leaving the plane I was hit immediatly by the blistering Caribbean heat. Thirty odd degrees celcius and I havn't stopped sweating since the recent rainy intervals caused by a Tropical depression.

As for beer hunting... Well it hasn't gone well. Up to now only a handfull of national brands have been discovered alongside some mediocre imports. On our resort the choice of beer comprises of three brands, all under Cerveceria Bucanero (from memory InBev owned). First up, Crystal: Which in canned form a light, clean and slightly sweet pale bland lager with that obvious corn/maize adjunct like texture to it. On tap it basicaly tastes of prickly carbonation and not much else but once it loses a little gas it can serve as a nice refresher. Second up, Mayabe: Which is pretty much the same deal as Crystal but a bit drier, a bit thinner and at the lower abv of 4%. For those wanting something a touch stronger, Bucanero at 5.4%, is basically your Cuban version of Stella. 

On the upside it is all inclusive, so this lout is not just lout but free lout. Cooking Lager would love it here. None the less, all this drinking of neat dark Rum had led to the development in taste to try some of the slightly potent Rum based cocktails available (no single or double measures here, they just pour it in). I also tried my first Cigar the other day. The rather expensive 'Churchill' (chosen for the name) gave the strange sensation raw bonfire like smoke in the mouth. In a few days we plan to venture to Havana and maybe find some different beers, or Cigars, or Rum.

But for now, check out some local TV.


Mark said...

Luckily the sun and sea make up for the beer, I'm sure! And you don't need good beer on a hot beach, you only need a cold beer!

Ed said...

Careful the crap beer and free rum don't drive you down George Best's road Rob!