Sunday, 1 December 2013

The third beer of Christmas

Mordue Brewery Howay in a Manger

You probably guessed I'd put a Mordue one in somewhere. But wait, is that the new glass featuring the official new logo? You saw it first here on Rob's Beer Quest. This batch of 'Howay' was brought to you in part by Mordue apprentice Josh ('shamone' Josh) on one of his first brew days ever, and a splendid job he did indeed. Basically Howay is a straight to the balls Mordue classic. Straight down the middle best bitter with a citric hop influence in short. Biscuity toffee smooth malt over citric hop underpinnings. Almond hints and a finish that's bready grainy and soft. It's tasting mighty fresh, you might want to buy a bottle. Howay buy a bottle. Howwaaayyy!

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