Saturday, 29 June 2013

Behold the next Panda Frog; Pandamonium IPA

Shed fully assembled and ready for craft brewing...



Excessive quantities of US hops...


That's right, another Panda Frog project has been released into the wilderness. Pandamonium IPA (I just couldn't resist that name), soon to be kegged and bottled, is the sixth instalment of the Panda Frog saga. 5.5% and 80IBU. Brewed in the style a classic Californian IPA, Pandamonium is bright and vibrant with plenty of that classic grapefruit kick and smooth resiny pine. Great fun was had brewing this one, especially the hour-long weighing out of hops interval. Officially the 'brewing my dream IPA' long time fantasy has been fulfilled and the results were most pleasant. But don't just take it from me, hunt the stuff down now.  

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