Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

The problem I've found with exploring whisky, wine or brandy is the price and availability. Whereas good beer these days is pretty easy to find and cheap by comparison. Because of this my exploration of whisky has been quite drawn out and at times expensive. 

Glen Garioch Founders Reserve is quite a sweet-natured yet warming speyside malt. You get aromas of sweet cinnamon spice, pepper and Elastoplast. Mouth filling sweet malt and spice open things up. Alcohol heat from the 48% abv lingers in the finish with nutmeg, apple and cereal notes. Founders reserve sure is a fine drop in its own way. There's a slight heaviness to it. Loads of smoothness, warmth and spice, to me at almost tastes like Christmas. I also found that it goes great with rum soaked Christmas cake.

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Gareth said...

Got a guy coming down from Morrison-Bowmore for a tasting tomorrow, sure Glen Garioch will feature - looking forward to it!