Tuesday, 17 April 2012

St Peter's The Saints Whisky beer

A few posts ago I mentioned my quarrel with some oak aged beers but this time I'm trying something I've never tried before. A beer that's literally blended with whisky (as opposed to being matured in the oak cask that previously held whisky).

St Peter's The Saints Whisky Beer at 4.8% is brewed with peated malt and the beer is blended with English whisky from St George's distillery in Norfolk. It pours a pale golden in colour with plenty of initial carbonation driving off an upfront sweet peaty whisky aroma with a touch of biscuity malt. The palate brings straight up peaty malt interluding with sweet honeyed malt whisky and a lingering peaty warmth in the finish. My impressions are that this beer is showcasing the taste of the whisky more than the base beer, with the beer more or less adding new dimensions to the experience.

 All in all this beer has a lot of novelty factor behind it, yet its real strength is in its approachability (something any great beer should have) and how it possesses little to none of the challenging nature that people generally associate with whisky. Furthermore, this more of a fine-tuned sophisticated affair than many a bold, brash whisky barrel aged beer. All in all good stuff.

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wolf blass said...

Great! i am ready to pick some of these bottles..

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