Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Panda & Frog brewery announcement

Early suggested pumpclip idea
You heard it first here, I'm being given my own beer range starting next year. Four single batch reserves, starting with Pandazilla, a cascadian dark ale, which will be brewed in limited quantities from January onwards. If my project is continued on for another year after that then I have plenty more ideas for crazy stuff.

That's right, it's going to straight kick ass, and from what I've heard a few ferkins of Pandazilla have already been sold so there's no turning back now. As you can tell this is something that's been planned for a while now, and it's not just this, loads of stuff is going on at Mordue brewery this winter. We'll have three seasonals on the way. I'm being given the privelege of completely re-inventing Winter Tyne (as long as the abv stays the same), and Ive also been been contemplating a few beers  to brew for Christmas on the Panda and Frog kit.

Just recently has been the long awaited transfer of the 7% Pandazilla cascadian dark ale. This trial batch
has been sent to the Free Trade Inn to be served this Saturday on the twissup. It didn't really attenuate out as much as I wanted, and the brew day was a bit of nightmare (technical problems with the copper) but the resulting beer was a little booze and malt heavy but nice enough. It should be interesting to try this from handpull on Saturday. Since my last twissup (which was awesome) I longed for the day it finally came to somewhere closer to home. Sadly no one seems to have blogged about it much this time. But I'm looking forward to getting a longer innings than I did in York.

See you all there.


Ed said...

Excellent. Hopefully you won't end up in Scotland this time!

Rob said...

Lets hope not. No trains involved this time tho.

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