Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Beers of summer

I could have called this post 'beer drinking highlights of summer 2011' but it's mainly a tribute to my summer of bottle beer drinking in the garden. This has been novel to me because I have only owned a garden for about a year now and the experience of kicking back after a day's work by the lawn on a nice summer's evening with a beer or two is quite pleasant. OK it hasn't been the best of summers, this year's been mostly about the sunshine and showers, but at least it hasn't rained the whole time. Sadly though (or at least in Northumberland) it seems the summer is over and we are now entering that transitionary period between late summer and autumn.

Stone Vertical Epic 2008 

A big 8.6% powerhouse of a Belgian inspired IPA packed with big bready, yeasty phenolic notes. Bananas, spiced apple and clove are also featured in my tasting notes.   

Vedett Extra White

At the other end of the spectrum was the quenching bubblegum tang of Vedett Extra white. A very refreshing Belgian style wheat beer with an extra delicate light wheaty texture.

Mordue Northumbrian Blonde

You can't have a summer without a low gravity cask conditioned blonde ale in there somewhere. Northumbrian Blonde has obviously gained popularity since its spring release this year. I myself love its Amarillo hop influenced tang

Fuller's Discovery.

75% continental pilsner, 25% golden ale, that's what I make of it anyways. It works great as a bottled beer both clean and flavouful and great for the sunny days.

Williams Brothers Seven Giraffes

Another one of William's brothers multi grain, multi hop 'lets go crazy' sort of beers. Grassy citric hop notes over subtle grainy textures. Your usual well balanced golden ale with a twist.

Baltika 7

  Not really a memorable summer discovery but more of a staple. Months back before I discovered that Tyneside does have some specialist beer shops this Russian brewed Dortmunder style lager helped make up the volume of quenching session beer in the fridge. Malt driven with a clean grainy texture I would argue that it is worthy and not cooking lager.

Well there we have my beer of summer but for now it looks like we'll be saying goodbye to the Northumbrian summer.


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