Friday, 26 November 2010

The second beer of Christmas

Erdinger Schneeweisse

By god it's cold out!

I'm not even going to try and pronounce it, but apparently the name means snow white in German. Wheat beers are not usually looked upon as typical for the festive season. Some disagree and argue they do tie in a bit with those spice influences and big rocky white heads of foam. But anyhow, it's Erdinger, and their speciality.

The beer itself is a subtle yet slightly voluptuous and easy drinking thing. A rounded soft wheat malt texture meets gentle spice and a touch of orange zest. Cinnamon is the only spice I can pick out for definite if I really concentrate. The finish is a little neutral and clean but still soft with gentle rolling spice. Overall I would give this one the thumbs up for great balance and drinkability, it won't hit you hard. In my opinion better than the original Erdinger with a fitting name given all the recent snow in the North East. 


Ed said...

What's the ABV?

arn said...

Ed - i read its 5.6%

Great first photo, the angle with the colour of the label against the curve of the glass which ends with that beautiful white head - i really want that beer!!!!

Rob said...

That's right 5.6%. A delightful beer it was. Thanks arn I will continue to work on the photography.

arn said...

well thats a top quality new blog header you put up today!

Rob said...

Thanks again Arn.

Ian Beer said...

from the German classes I have done I think 'Schneeweisse' is pronounced
sch as in schweppes
nee as in nay
weisse as in vicer
Ian Beer