Thursday, 22 April 2010

Where the recognition should be going

I have numerous memories of chatting to American people and the conversation often following on the lines of "so where abouts in England are you from?", "Newcastle" I reply. "Ah" they answer, "famous for the beer". Referring to the chemical laden slightly thin Newcastle Brown Ale. I have also met people who have (trying to gain appreciation from a beer obsessed Geordie) said they really love Newcastle Brown ale. But of recent times North East craftbrewers have been sticking to roots and knocking out some great Northern style Brown ales. First we have the likes of Mordue Wallsend Brown ale, Hadrian & Border Tyneside Brown ale and now this.

Jarrow Brown ale is truly a solid Brown ale, packed with bold nutty, grainy, bready malt and rounded burnt toffee like flavour over earthy English hops. Superb stuff, I would say this one even gives the likes of Brooklyn Brown ale a run for its money. To be honest this brown ale, and the various other North East craft brewed variants beat the infamous Newcastle Brown like a dog.

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