Thursday, 12 November 2009

Operation Winter Beaver

It's around this time of year that I have all my warming winter brews stockpiled up in my beer cupboard ready for the winter season. This annual stockpiling or gathering of beers I term 'Operation Winter Beaver' and usually starts in October time. This year however I have decided to take this a step further and have decided to separate the beers into different groups, each group to be consumed on a different days. The largest and most impressive of these is the group for Christmas day. So as the build up for Christmas gets going, here's what I will be drinking Christmas Day. The list is in approximate order starting in the morning. Let me know what you think?

Morning/Xmas dinner.

Hanssens Artisanaal Oude Gueze (Straight from Belgium to serve as a fine quenching morning appetiser)

Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome (Used most years for Christmas dinner, it goes pretty well with turkey)

Guiness Forgne Extra Stout (With dessert, which is usually Christmas pudding. But I don't think anything could top the legendary pairing experience of chocolate cake and cream with Meantime's Coffee Porter from back in 2007)


Svyturys Ekstra (Optional support pilsner depending where mood takes me)

Cantillon Iris (Highly regarded wild beer admired by experienced beer lovers Boak & Bailey. This was a must have when I visited Cantillon earlier this year)

Chimay Grand Reserve (seem to be having this one religiously every year now)

Struise Brouwers Pannepot 2007 (Picked up in Brussels and have never tried before, looks like it could be quite dark, its spiced, and its 10% vol, so a definite wild card for the day)

Abbey St-Remy Trappist Rochefort 10 (Again often reserved for Dec 25th. The 8 is coming out Christmas eve)

Stone Brewing Old Guardian Barley wine 2009 early release (The optional bonus beer, for a possible beer and cheese showdown in the evening! My parents picked this one up whilst over in California visiting my auntie Wendy)

Well that's what I have so far, some of this may be changed round. But until then I have weddings to attend (my own) and some quality beer hunting in Hawaii to carry out. I must also note the mixed responses I get from people when I talk about 'operation winter beaver' as the word ' beaver is interpreted in different ways. But its usually carried out pretty accurately. I thought another quality idea would be to set up some sort of 'follow Rob' kind of feature on the blog, where users can click on it any time on Christmas day and it would bring up what beer I'm drinking e.g:

'it is 4:43pm, I will now be approximately half way through the 500ml bottle of Wood's Christmas Cracker 6%abv'

And so forth. But the problem is I don't have the computer knowledge to pull it off. Like the Idea tho.


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