Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I am incredibly proud to present!! Exclusively!!!

Note: the pump clip is actually brown and yellow, but my pc seems to think its blue.

Last week I executed my very first brew at Daleside brewery under the supervision of brew master Craig Witty. Moreover, not only was this to be an exclusive Daleside seasonal release, this was a brew designed almost entirely by myself. Autumn Leaves, at 3.4% abv is a deep chestnut brown session ale of subtle malty balance with some nutty texture, woody fruits and some dryness. Word has it this offering will be available in London in the near future via disclosed pub groups. Any fans of session bitters or mild ales this is highly recommended.

The brew day kicked off pretty early at 6.30am as usual, which on any other day I would be jumping with excitement however this was the day after my GBBF adventure and the lack of sleep kept me calm as cows. It was also interesting, as my first experience working in the brew house to watch everyone else carry out my daily duties whilsty I look after my baby upstairs.

Hops, lovely hops

Many differences were noticed between home brewing and using Dalesides kit, more twiddling around with valves to control temperatures, more cleaning, more pipe work to play around with and less use of plastic spoons /paddles. But at the end of the day I felt it went pretty well, and the product was (an artist strives for perfection but never admittedly gets there) rewarding, with fellow staff having mixed opinions but overall finding it pleasant. Not bad for my first little contribution to the brewing world. If anyone finds it, North or South, I would love to know what you thought.

Transfer into fermenter

The next day!

I didnt brew it, it was our friends the yeast


Ed said...

Congratulations mate! You'll have to get your own autograph now!

Whorst said...

Nice! What do you use as your house yeast?

Rob said...

The house yeast is not a one I am familiar with from any home brew shops and I couldnt say where it originated from. It is also my house strain, which is why I had a few issues with getting pitching rates right when I started using it as I dont have the equiptment from methyl blue staining or anything similar. I think after a few brews of brewing it myself Ed, I may consider getting my own autograph, but its the head brewers Im really after.

pdtnc said...

Photoshop makes your pump clip look much better than in its Blue form :)
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

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