Sunday, 25 January 2009

A post about Scotland.

Traquair House ale: a great Scotch heavy for settling into burns night with its layered malt complexity.

As many of my readers are probably now familiar with my ramblings about the glory of Yorkshire, this time I have decided to cover Scotland, and this is for two reasons;

1: Last weeks episode of Drink of Britain covered both whisky and beer in Scotland. It was good to see the lads from Brew Dog being featured drinking with Oz and James on a park bench. I myself have met both of James Watt and head brewer Martin Dickie (I have his autograph) as well as visit the brewery.

2: Its Burns night. But sadly I will be saving my McEwans Scotch ale and dram of single malt till tomorrow night as I will be getting up incredibly early tomorrow to drive to work.

But anyway, for people who know beer know Scotland is traditionally famous for its heavier, stronger, malt accented ales by comparison to English counterparts. However of recent times the brewers of Scotland have diversified their products and much more can be sought after than the classic 60/, 70/, 80/ etc. In fact the country seems to brew many of the most full flavoured and creative beers the UK has to offer, from the likes of Brew Dog and Williams brother with their ‘new world’ beers approach to Broughton ales and Traquair house with classic masterpieces of the Scotch ale style. So if you go be sure to hunt out some beers, because there’s plenty on offer.

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