Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beer Drinking in July

Beer festival in the John Bull. 9/7/08.

Last Wednesday saw Alnwicks very own beer centre the John Bulls host its very own beer festival which featured some classics such as York Guzzler and Al wheat pet, an old favourite that sold out before I could even get a sample. Highly ranked by myself was Okells summer storm, a soft textured wheat beer with plenty of hop complexity in the finish as well as Banks & Taylor fruit bat, a refined easy drinking fruit beer of very pale appearance with over-toned blackcurrant and plumb. It was overall an eventful evening with all the regulars taking part and as usual, as with every night in the John Bull I ended up chatting away with some old folks I never knew about beer and anything related to beer, something that only happens in the John Bull of all the places in Alnwick.

Improving weather gives hope for great lawn session.

As the summer twists through unpredictable turns of rain, sun overcast and light cloud it is noticeably this month that the weather has seen more frequent sun which means more possibilities for the Great lawn session of 2008 to be executed. Already are the beers in place in my parents spear fridge, lined in order of consumption. Hese include the likes of Bitburger pils, Brew Dog Lager, Timothy Taylors Landlord and a couple of good wheat beers.
All that really hangs in the balance is having free days in the right places to get the event underway, and in the meantime I can concentrate on my new beer drinking project. The Northumberland Gazette (who I wrote beer reviews for last winter) has given me the offer to do reviews on summer beers in there Northumberland now supplement. I have over a week left to submit my work but already have the first review written. Also to mention to any readers of beers of the world magazine that I may already be slightly famous. In this months issue the opening letter by the editor mentions a single hardcore fan at the beers of the world event who followed Roger Protz around with a notebook and carefully studied the back of all bottles. Funny thing is I don’t remember anyone else participating in such activities whilst at the event. All another step towards world stardom for not only myself but craft beer in general, good show.


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